Trust in the Most Holy Virgin Mary

Written by: Sister Rosario Cano, MSCGpe (Translation: Brother Joan Delacreu, SM)

Mary,”Taken up to heaven she did not lay aside her saving office but by her manifold intercession continues to bring us the gifts of eternal salvation. By her maternal charity, she cares for the brethren of her Son, who still journey on earth surrounded by dangers and difficulties, until they are led into their blessed home. Therefore the Blessed Virgin is invoked by the Church under the titles of Advocate, Helper, Benefactress and Mediatrix. This, however, is so understood that it neither takes away anything from nor adds anything to the dignity and efficacy of Christ, the one Mediator.” (L.G. 62)
Trust in the intercession of the Virgin Mary in our daily lives and on behalf of the Universal Church, flows precisely from the same trust in God she experienced when she was chosen and called to be the Mother of the Redeemer. Thus, she by her own experience of trust and of faith in her personal divine call for the welfare of humanity gives us the pattern to be like her, by trusting the loving providence of God in our lives. Besides, she becomes the guide, model and teacher of confidence in God.
Hence, the importance of knowing and of growing deeper in our experience of faith and of trust in God through Mary’s intercession, who is already assumed into Heaven, together with her Son Jesus Christ, and continues her intercession for each and every one of her children while they journey towards their Father’s house.
In this manner we may say that an important trait of Christian life and of the life of saints is a childlike devotion to the Mother of Christ. Such devotion is a sure path to the Son and ultimately to our Celestial Kingdom. Then, we shall proceed by reflecting on the life of the Servant of God Maria Amada of the Infant Jesus. We will reflect on some of her experiences of trust in the Virgin Mary, offering a model to follow for all faithful Christians who desire to grow in the trust in God at the hands of Mary.

Personal Experience of the Servant of God Maria Amada

She relates a few personal impressions which she remembers from the time she saw the statue of the Virgin of Zapopan while staying at her paternal grandfather´s home. "It seems to me that I had my sixth birthday in this place and by then I recall having known and loved the Most Holy Virgin. My grandfather was most devout of the Holy Virgin of Zapopan. He had a replica of her statue inside a large niche. My poor person spent long periods of time before the statue. I gazed at it very intently: her face, her hands, her hair, etc... She seemed so beautiful! But, why did they keep her enclosed? Was she alive? Where did she come from? They answered some of my questions. They remained silent for others. They told me you are supposed to bring flowers to the statue. That became an order for me. Any flowers I picked were only for her." (C.C, p.15)
Maria Amada’s father was a key person who made a great impression in her life by his closeness and counsels. She took his counsels as real orders to be obeyed convinced of the truthfulness of the words and advice he would impart: “our father spoke at length about the Holy Virgin and about imitating her. My father explained that she never used cosmetics that she was not vain, etc. that women who liked to adorn themselves did not imitate the Holy Virgin. It seems to me that all these things touched my soul like fire. I felt great dislike for feminine adornments and make up worn by young ladies. I felt happy and fully satisfied with a single dress. Hair styles, earrings, bracelets and rings felt uncomfortable and wearing them was a torture.” ( C.C., p.15)
While living in the convent she vividly experienced the presence of the Evil One. She strengthen her trust in Mary’s intervention to defeat the enemy:” In the beginning these things disturbed me, but soon the Lord who never left me alone, would make me sleep and the devil was left exhausted. Only on one occasion, close to the 5 a.m. bell, I heard footsteps within the room. I ignored them thinking it was my imagination. Suddenly the footsteps were more noticeable. The other sister in the room mentioned whose steps they were. Then I believed her. The footsteps made a unique noise like giant toenails were scratching the floor. When I sensed it was coming closer to me my courage dissipated. I invoked the names of Jesus and of the Most Holy Mary. I turned on the light. The devil had disappeared.”(C.C., p. 157-158)
The Holy Spirit was guiding her spiritual life in the way of trust in the Heart of Jesus and in the Most Holy Virgin: “I am happy not knowing my way. I have never been worried about where I am led or how Our Lord leads me through those who are His representatives. Nonetheless, I cannot deny that the Lord has shed some light about my little way. On some instances, He has even instructed me about it. In few words, this little way is the way of spiritual childhood (Virtue makes me become a little girl. It is such littleness of spirit that He so loves and consoles His Divine Heart) placing myself in the arms of the good Jesus and of the Most Holy Virgin, with absolute trust and total abandonment. I give myself totally to the justice and mercy of his Heart. I express my love in sacrifice and in deep humility to honor his Eucharistic life.” (C.C., p. 138)
Maria Amada’s trust in the Mother of God’s intercession grew in the midst of the trials she endured as part of the Work requested by the Heart of Jesus: (“My soul endured horrendous interior sorrows, darkness, doubts, fears. That same day, the 19th of the month, the Most Holy Virgin of Guadalupe took away all the trials and poured into my soul a deep trust and assurance that this Work would prosper under the protection of her divine Son and of her own. It has happened exactly as she said.” (C.C., p. 138)


We can make as our own the counsels and recommendations given to her daughters by our dear Foundress in her letters in order to grow, as she did, in the childlike trust towards our Heavenly Mother:
“Never doubt that your father will grant you his permission. Have recourse to Heaven. The Lord has chosen you, know that He is almighty. The Most Holy Virgin is also all powerful. Make a promise to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and pray daily the Memorare and the Little Crown.
You are never alone in your sufferings. Know that your good mother’s heart beats very close to yours. She greatly longs for you to accomplish what you desire. Other hearts are also beating close to yours, your sister’s, who shows great interest for you, and your teachers’ who also have great solicitude for your soul.” (C.E., February 26, 1948) for your intention
“There is no doubt that my poor prayers for your intention have not reached heaven. For what I see you are in the same situation as before. This does not make me lose heart, on the contrary, I am requesting wholeheartedly to continue asking the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the most Holy Virgin to remedy the need which both of us know. (C.E., April 21, 1948)
“It gives me great satisfaction that you celebrated with the old folks the whole ceremony of the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. May this be your most important concern: to foster in them a great Christian spirit and assist them in facing and preparing for death. Do not spare any sacrifice, absolutely none, to bring closer to the Most Loving Heart of Jesus these souls, at least at the end of their lives.” (C.E., August 20, 1949)
“Be most assured the we will always meet in the Heart of Jesus. In this Heart there are no absences, nor distances. I also understand well how difficult it must be that no sooner you open your eyes to Religious life, you are assigned by virtue of holy obedience to go so far away. It is natural that at times you will feel lonesome and lacking the necessary qualities to fulfill all the duties that holy obedience has entrusted to you. The Heart of Jesus will not abandon you, neither will the most Holy Virgin. Be humble, acknowledge your nothingness, Trust immensely in both, the divine Heart and in his most Holy Mother, and everything will always go well. They will do what you do not know. They will enlighten you, support you, be your consolation and thus you will give much glory to the Heart of Jesus.” (C.E., September 11, 1949)
“I feel really sorry that you suffered an attack while riding in the train. I also feel great consolation because without a doubt our Lady of Fatima reserved for herself the grace of your complete healing. We shall pray to her with great confidence and we will publish the miracle. She knows well the great need we have of good health
“During these hours of struggle and temptation turn your eyes with confidence and assurance to the Blessed Virgin. Rest assured that she will not abandon you. Keep that in mind and believe it. They want you to be holy and will not abandon you in your struggles and trials. They will be with you. For your part, be faithful and generous by not denying them anything.” (C.E., October 3, 1949)
“My good little daughter if you feel you are in the dark, with no light, it is good, really good, to have recourse to the Holy Virgin. Grab her by the hand and do not let go of it. You are not an orphan. Indeed, you have a very loving Father and a Mother like none other.” (C.E., 17….1936)
“He who is Love will teach you the science of love. Be humble and little and you will learn such divine science. Use well these consolations to walk more rapidly in the path of perfection and garner your strength for the days of struggle, dryness and combat,”
In your temptations: great mistrust of yourself, utmost confidence in God. Lock well the door to your interior with prayer, mortification and humility, To these add ‘pay no mind’ and keep on, keep on struggling with love, united to Love, never alone. Do not forget either the Most Blessed Mother or your Guardian Angel.” (C.E January 12, 1937)
“Place yourself with total confidence in God, on the hands of this Good Father and of the Most Holy Virgin and of her poor Congregation. Have no other concern than to do the Divine Will and to love without measure the Divine Heart.” (C.E., October 14th, 1945)
“Act always mistrusting yourself, but placing all your trust in God and in the Most Holy Virgin.” (C.E., October 30, 1945)
“Be aware of how good and sweet is Our Lord. He sees the weaknesses of his little children. Many times he prepares them with sweetness for the bitter chalice, which oftentimes they must taste. After the days of interior peace, he sends them troubled days.
Tenderness comes from the Lord in order to prepare your soul to be united to him. Suffer them patiently, mistrusting yourself, place all your confidence in the Lord. Abandon yourself to his mercy and to his love. Place yourself in the hands of the Most Holy Virgin so she will carry you to the Heart of Jesus. Wait patiently the divine will. In due time your soul will receive light and consolation.” (C.E., February 16, 1946)
“Live of confidence and of love, abandonment and sacrifice. The Heart of Jesus will do great things in your soul, but never alone, always united with the Most Blessed Virgin, our Mother” (C.E., March 1, 1946)


After reading and reflecting on the previous texts, let us comment on the following questions:
1. In what instances of her life, did the Most Holy Virgin Mary experience a profound confidence in God?
How did she express it?
2. How did the servant of God Maria Amada grow and strengthen her confidence in the Most Holy Virgin?
3. How have you experienced that your confidence in God has grown through the intercession of the Most Holy Virgin? Can you share an instance or incident in your life when you experienced in a special way our Mother’s assistance?
4. How do we live our confidence in the Most Holy Virgin Mary in today’s occurrences, in our family, parish group or community?


Individually, as a family or as a group make a mental map or a drawing to express how we have experienced confidence in God through the intercession of Mary.

Let us propose three actions to foster confidence in our Mother:

1. At the personal level:
2. At the family level:
3. At the apostolic level:

Prayer for the Canonization

Heavenly Father, you who delights in decorating your saints and chosen ones with the virtues of your Divine Son, and who wanted to scorch your daughter Maria Amada with the Fire of Love of His Hearth, and the ardent zeal to extend His Kingdom which was manifested trough her love for the poor and the homeless; we ask for the grace to imitate her example for your greater glory and the good of the Church, that she will be raised to the honor of the altars. We ask this for Saint Mary of Guadalupe, and the merits of Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for her Intercession

Merciful Father, you have chosen your daughter Maria Amada, whom burned in the love of Jesus Christ, your Son, and full of zeal for the extension of the Kingdom of Love from his Heart, who will throughout her life care for those who suffer, especially for the poor and homeless. We ask You through her intercession, grant us the grace that we ask in faith ... (make your request). We thank you for all the gifts that you have granted us and those which you want to give us through him. Listen compassionately to our prayers and let us know your will, for Our Lady of Guadalupe and the merits of Christ our Lord. Amen. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You!