Maria Amada, mystical and missionary

Autor: José Eduardo Câmara de Barros Carneiro, Brasil

The Servant of God Mother Maria Amada del Niño Jesus is a great mystic, perhaps one of the most important of the twentieth century. Even that she is not as well known as other mexican mystical writers, as the Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida (1862-1937), founder of the Works of the Cross, or the Servant of God Mother Maria Angelica Alvarez Icaza (1887-1977) , founder of the Monastery of the Visitation of Mexico DC.

Mother Maria Amada had not only a great experience of God, she also carries an ecclesial message, which it should still be considered and known.

The saints are the work of Holy Spirit, which beautifies the Church with the most beautiful gemstones. Each one makes shine the splendors of the Incarnate Verb in history. Therefore every saint is prophetic, since as full of God, each one lives in eternity.


In the tradition of Scripture in the Old and New Testament, the name has great significance, the name carries with it a mission, a vocation, like Abraham and St. Paul. As the Holy Name of the Incarnate Word, Jesus!

There is also a tradition of Consecrated Life; from the monastic origins either the West is from the East. Being religious consecration one deepening of baptismal consecration, in many institutes, the consecrated or consecrated also receives a new name.

By entering the Order of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament, Maria Regina Sánchez Muñoz, received a new name, which will mark his life: Maria AMADA del Niño Jesus (Mary BELOVED of Jesus Child).

Maria Regina will be forever AMADA. This will be the center of her inner life: Feeling loved, knowing loved, experienced beloved. All other graces of her life, all her actions flow from the grace to be AMADA.

Through a succession of extraordinary graces the Lord is forming, educating, giving form to the soul of his AMADA, to make her founder, teacher and mother.

Loving Heart

The Heart of Jesus, center of her life, is revealed to her. Which of us can understand the depth of the graces poured by the Divine Heart into the soul of her Amada?

Maria Amada will receive innumerous lights and graces, to understand the Interior of the Sacred Heart, to enter the Heart of the Incarnate Word.

In contemplation, she discovers and experiences "feelings of the Heart of a God, loving Father, Brother, Friend, Husband, King".

She will become Messenger of the Heart, "Loving Heart", and Missionary of the "Loving Heart of Jesus".

What a beautiful sight as these words come out of her pen with such freshness and naturalness! Without affectation, but with the conviction from who knows what is writing. Not as an abstraction. Her language full of poetry is a loving response to the Heart of Jesus. Her words are full of anointing that only a soul that knows it “Amada” can have.

Maria Amada is the mystical of the Loving Heart for a century that knows nothing about the Love. We speak of love, sing love, also tried to buy it, but do not know the true Love. We do not know the truth: That we are AMADOS (loved) by God.

Maria Amada is the Messenger of the Loving Heart of Jesus especially for the little ones: "I understood the love and tenderness of the Heart of Jesus, from the little ones, the weak and the helpless."

The Fire of Love

"Love is fire, and fire expands and burns," says Maria Amada. She says this from experience, because by living in this Loving Heart, she is turned into Fire!

But what the Loving Heart wants from us? What are the plans of love of the Divine Heart?

"The Loving Heart of Christ, the Heart of Jesus wants us to be fire," says Maria Amada.

Mother Maria Amada deeply does experience of the Gospel and in her heart echoes the words of the Lord: "I came to cast fire upon the earth and how I wish it were already kindled!" (Lk 12:49)

In this cold, cold world without love, the Loving Heart of Jesus sent us Maria Amada, to ignite the whole world on fire of the Heart of Jesus, for the extension of His Kingdom of Love!

And even today, to this Loving Heart, she leads the souls, "to be scorched in the divine fire of His pure love."

And today her children live to expand into the world this Fire of the Loving Heart: Missionary Sisters, Missionaries Brothers, and Lay Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Missionary Sisters and Missionary Brothers of Fire!

Maria Amada, be thou our Teacher of Love, let us know this Loving Heart, teach us to do His Will, to live His Word. Make us live in this Loving Heart, so that just like you we may be Fire, let us be missionaries of Love of the Heart of Jesus for the little ones.

Prayer for the Canonization

Heavenly Father, you who delights in decorating your saints and chosen ones with the virtues of your Divine Son, and who wanted to scorch your daughter Maria Amada with the Fire of Love of His Hearth, and the ardent zeal to extend His Kingdom which was manifested trough her love for the poor and the homeless; we ask for the grace to imitate her example for your greater glory and the good of the Church, that she will be raised to the honor of the altars. We ask this for Saint Mary of Guadalupe, and the merits of Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for her Intercession

Merciful Father, you have chosen your daughter Maria Amada, whom burned in the love of Jesus Christ, your Son, and full of zeal for the extension of the Kingdom of Love from his Heart, who will throughout her life care for those who suffer, especially for the poor and homeless. We ask You through her intercession, grant us the grace that we ask in faith ... (make your request). We thank you for all the gifts that you have granted us and those which you want to give us through him. Listen compassionately to our prayers and let us know your will, for Our Lady of Guadalupe and the merits of Christ our Lord. Amen. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You!